'Bump-Up' CDs

Bump Up to a Better Rate Once During the Term of Your CD

If you like the security of a guaranteed rate of return from Certificates of Deposit, you'll really love the Burke & Herbert Bank Bump-Up CD.

Similar to our traditional CDs, the Burke & Herbert Bank Bump-Up CD offers competitive rates and several terms to fit your investment schedule. But the Bump-Up CD allows you one opportunity to earn even more on your money. Should rates go up during the term of your Bump-Up CD, you can opt to "bump" your rate up to the current higher rate for the remainder of your CD term.

Here are the current options available for the Bump-Up CD:

  • 25-month CD or IRA CD
  • 35-month CD

Open a Bump-Up CD account today by visiting a local Burke & Herbert Bank branch. Or call us at 703-684-1655 to learn more.

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