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Boost Your Kids’ Financial IQ with Learning About Money Tools!

The kids are home and learning has subsided or is at best online. Why not take advantage of this time to encourage your children to build their financial IQ? Our Learning About Money series has fun tools for all ages!

Learning About Money Tools

Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Use our My Saving Goal tool and help your child identify something that will motivate them to save. Once your child draws a picture of their goal, post it by their piggy bank to help them remember why they are saving. Then, prioritize establishing a savings routine; the frequency is more important than the amount in building a life-long habit. Kids will be amazed at how fast even pennies add up!

3rd Grade to 5th Grade
Children between 8 and 12 will benefit from learning how to plan for their Savings Goal with our My Saving Plan tool. Help them calculate their savings and determine how long it will take to save for their goal based on how much and how often they can save. Encourage them to use this tool to check their progress! Families may enjoy doing this together and comparing results!

6th Grade and Older
For your older kids, start with this fun Cents–ible Quiz to assess current financial habits. Even teens and adults can benefit from this quick check-up! Consider taking the quiz alongside your child. Afterwards, compare your scores and come up with a plan to kick-start better financial habits!

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