Who Offers the Best Checking? We Do!

 A Burke & Herbert Bank Convenient Checking Account is totally free and includes fee-free ATMs Personal Convenient Checking Account1
Enjoy checking that's truly free, while never paying a fee at any ATM anywhere in the United States. Other banks don't offer it. We do.

The Savings Are Substantial
With a Convenient Checking Account, you can ignore those annoying ATM screens that warn you about fees of $2.50, $3.00 or more. They don't apply to you, because we refund them every time, with no limits. Then there are all the sneaky fees that other banks like to tack onto their supposedly "free" accounts - like when you don't meet minimum balance requirements or you make in-person transactions. We have none of those, either.

Not Just Free Checking. Great Checking!
Our Convenient Checking Account gives you all the latest innovations and conveniences.

Relationships Matter

  • We are 100% local and committed to providing the banking and financing services that help our communities thrive.
  • When you call, you can talk to people, not machines. Our phones connect you easily to knowledgeable team members who are ready to help.
  • You can count on our best service. Whether you keep a lot on deposit or just a little, you'll always have our full attention and commitment. It's a promise.

To learn more, speak to a branch representative today or call us at 703-684-1655.

1 Minimum deposit to open: $25.


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