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Burke & Herbert Bank Merchant Services can help you grow your business. Isn't it time you stopped turning away business? Today, more and more customers are paying less with cash and more by other means. And with the continual development of payment services and technologies, we see even less cash usage in the future.

With Burke & Herbert Bank Merchant Services1, we can have your business set up to accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and more. This includes Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® payments. Boost your sales by offering these convenient payment options for your customers while enhancing cash flow by receiving next-day availability of funds.

Best of all, our industry-leading merchant services partner provides highly competitive pricing and a level of personal service you'd expect to find from Burke & Herbert Bank. Plus, the monthly fees for Merchant Services are waived for Business Relationship Package customers as an added benefit.

It's a win-win for your customers and for your bottom line.

To learn more about Merchant Services, visit your nearest Burke & Herbert Bank branch, or call us at 703-684-1655 and ask to speak with a Business Banker.

1. Merchant Services are provided through First Data©. Burke & Herbert Bank receives a promotional fee from First Data©, which is not an affiliated business organization or otherwise related to Burke & Herbert Bank.


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