About Burke & Herbert Bank


The History of Burke & Herbert Bank

In 1852, John Woolfolk Burke and Arthur Herbert opened the doors to Burke & Herbert Bank on the corner of Prince and Lee Streets. We were the third bank to open in the city.

In our early years, our services ranged from the sale of stocks and real estate on commission to the purchase of land warrants for tracts in the West.

Our activities included the purchase and sale of bank notes and coin, the collection of sight and time bills, the negotiation of loans, bonds, and the buying and selling of stocks and other public securities, on commission. In fact, we had accounts and real estate listings five days after we opened our doors.

Prior to our incorporation in 1933, Burke & Herbert Bank was operated for 81 years as a private partnership with no government regulation or supervision. And thanks to the foundation of foresight, good judgment and integrity laid by messieurs Burke and Herbert, we are now the oldest bank in Virginia.

I'm RUNYON, the Burke & Herbert Bank mascot. Yes...me...the parrot.

When Taylor Burke Jr. brought me home, Mrs. Burke said, "the bird goes, or I go." So Taylor Jr. put me to work in the bank. I started in customer service, but it wasn't quite my thing. I reviewed loan applications for a while, but that line of work didn't appeal to me either. So Taylor Jr. made me the spokesmodel. I've been in newspaper ads, on t-shirts and even on the radio. I'm a celebrity in town. But of course you knew that.

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Today Burke & Herbert Bank has more than $3 billion in assets and 25 branches throughout Northern Virginia. From personal and business banking to investment management and trust services, our broad range of products continually evolves with the changing needs of our customers. In this way, we deliver modern banking solutions while maintaining our commitment to excellence in banking, customer satisfaction and the community.

The walls of Burke & Herbert Bank have provided a safe place for generations of families. While outside the competition has failed, merged, acquired, and been acquired, customers have come here to forge life-long relationships. With our help, these generations have been able to fulfill their dreams of building new homes and businesses to secure a life for future generations.

Burke & Herbert Bank is living history in the heart of Alexandria – an institution that, since 1852, continues to maintain the financial heartbeat of the city.


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