Online Banking

Online Bill Pay

Are You Still Paying Bills the Old-fashioned Way?

Forget writing and mailing checks, or logging in to multiple biller websites to pay different bills. With Burke & Herbert Bank Online Bill Pay, you can pay all your bills from one convenient place online.

New Online Banking Features

See and manage all of your payees, pending payments, payment history and more in the Payment Center, a convenient dashboard that brings everything you need together on one screen.

Other Online Bill Pay functions are a snap, too:
• Make payments with a single click.
• Edit, delete, and manage payee information by simply clicking on the payee's name.
• Review your Pending Payments and recent Payment History at-a-glance.

Use eBills to receive bills electronically right to your account

eBills delivers bills electronically right to your Burke & Herbert Bank online account, so you can manage and pay your bills conveniently without the clutter of paper bills. You can set up eBills so that when you log in to Online Banking, your mortgage, cable, utility and other bills are right there, in one convenient location.

eBills maintains your billing history for up to 18 months. You also can download your records to your computer, eliminating the need to store paper bills.

To set up eBills, just follow the instructions in the Payment Center.

Use Person-to-Person Payments to send money to individuals with U.S. bank accounts easily and conveniently

To send money via email, simply provide the payee's email address and a shared keyword, and we'll do the rest. Your payee will receive an email from Burke & Herbert Bank to initiate a one-time setup process. Once they've completed the required steps, you'll be able to send payments to them just like you would to any other payee you have established.

To send money via direct deposit, you'll need a bank routing number and account number for the individual. Simply add them as a payee in Online Bill Payment, and you'll be able to send them payments immediately.

Transaction limits apply. Available to bank accounts in the U.S. only.

Use Bank-to-Bank Transfers to move funds between your Burke & Herbert Bank account and your accounts at other U.S.-based financial institutions

Bank-to-Bank Transfers allow you to transfer funds from your Burke & Herbert Bank checking or savings accounts to or from accounts you may have at other financial institutions. You may have as many as five inbound transfers totaling $1,000 per day and as many as five outbound transfers totaling $1,000 per day.

To set up the process, just select "Bank-to-Bank Transfers" in the Payment Center and follow the steps.

Funds can be sent only to accounts at U.S.-based financial institutions.

For more information on how to use the Payment Center, view this short demo.


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