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Banks Would Never Ask That

Banks Never Ask ThatDon’t be a statistic. Every day, thousands of people fall victim to fraud by providing confidential information to scammers pretending to be representatives from a bank. We don't want this to happen to you!

By knowing what types of information we will not ask you for -- either by phone, email, or text -- you can protect yourself and your hard-earned money from phishing scams.

Five Clues an Email May Be a Scam
Email is a common way that your information can be compromised. Watch out for requests to provide personal information such as your account number, social security number, date of birth, or passwords. It may look like it came from us but it may be a scammer pretending to be the bank.

1. Check the sender! Is it actually your bank?
2. Look for your name or a specific identifier. Real banks know who you are.
3. Does it ask for personal info? Real banks never ask for personal info in an email.
4. Be careful with requests to click links. Where is it taking you?
5. Check spelling and grammar. Real banks don't have typos.

An accidental click doesn't have to mean disaster!

Take a Quiz and Learn More!
Visit for more information on protecting yourself from phishing scams. Test your knowledge by taking a brief interactive quiz. Taking the quiz gives you a chance to win prizes too -- courtesy of the American Bankers Association.

What Should You Do If You Get Phished?
Take a deep breath, you’ll get through this. Call us immediately and let us know what happened and what information may have been shared. Notify credit agencies and setup fraud alerts. Change your passwords. Step up multi-factor authentication for added security. If you need assistance, please ask. We’re here to help!

Be Alert and Be Safe
If you believe that you may have received a fraudulent communication from someone posing as Burke & Herbert Bank or you believe that your account number, password, or other card or account information may have been compromised, please call us immediately at 703-684-1655.


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