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Faster, easier Business Online Banking. Consider it done.

  • Timesaving, innovative features
  • Greater control over your business budget
  • Online environment adaptable to the way you bank

Get ready to get more done.

With enhanced Business Online Banking and Business Online Bill Pay, your days of doing less banking and more businessing are about to begin.

Our optimized features are specifically geared for the needs of small businesses. Beyond making it easier to receive and pay bills, Burke & Herbert Bank Business Online Banking enables you to run customized reports and delegate payment responsibilities.

It means having more control over the flow of your company’s money and more time to devote to growing your business. And it's all part of the customizable user-friendly MyView environment. Just log in to Business Online Banking, and get ready to get more done.

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eBillsDirect expense invoices right to your account.

It’s important to pay bills on time to keep your business running smoothly. eBills makes it easy to do just that by directing all of your electronic bills to your Burke & Herbert Bank Business Online Bill Pay account. You can stop spending time logging onto separate sites to pay your bills and simply access all your eBills in one convenient location. eBills also eliminates the clutter of paper bills by maintaining your downloadable bill history for up to 18 months.

Setup is fast and easy. Within Online Bill Pay, just provide your account access information for each biller website that you use. Once the information is verified, you will no longer have to go back to each individual biller’s site to pay a bill online. That’s one less banking thing to do. You can even set up alerts to avoid making a late payment and set up autopay to ensure on-time payment of your eBills.

Bank-to-Bank TransfersMove your money faster. Because time is money.

Set up outgoing and incoming transfers between your Burke & Herbert Bank account and any personal or business accounts you own at another bank. Improve your company’s cash flow quickly and flexibly.

Transaction limits apply. For inbound transfers, the limit is $2,000 per day and $20,000 per month. For outbound transfers, the limit is $2,000 per transaction and per day.

Pay a Person via EmailSend money securely—as quickly as it takes to read this.

Streamline how you send payments to individuals. Pay a Person allows you to send money to a payee using just their email address and a jointly agreed-upon keyword.

Your payee will receive an email to initiate the one-time setup. After the payee has entered the shared keyword along with their bank account and routing number through the secure site, you will be able to send electronic payments faster than writing a check. And to keep it secure and private, your payee’s bank account information will never be disclosed to you.

Transaction limits apply. For Pay a Person via email, the limit is $2,000 per transaction and per day.

PermissionsAuthorize select employees for functions such as Bill Pay and Bank-to-Bank Transfers.

Gain more control over your finances with an expanded set of permissions tailored to Business Online Bill Pay. In addition to having more options to delegate payment responsibilities within your company, you will be able to set payment limits by employee, by payee, by category and more.

"Deliver By Date" ProcessingEnsure timely payments without doing the math.

Burke & Herbert Bank makes it easy to schedule on-time payments. Just enter each bill’s "deliver by" date and Business Online Bill Pay will automatically select and display the correct withdrawal date. So the time you would have spent figuring out withdrawal dates based on payment delivery estimations can now be used for more important things—like running your business.

eNotificationsSecurely and efficiently monitor account activity.

Our enhanced Business Online Bill Pay gives you a simple way to stay on top of all of your payment activity—including potential fraud and unauthorized bill payment activity. You can set up eNotifications to alert you whenever there is activity on your account that you have flagged for attention. For example, you can elect to receive an alert whenever a specified payment amount or number of payments has been reached. You can also choose to receive your alerts however it’s most efficient for you—via text, email or both.

Batch Payments to BillersConsolidate multiple bills into one payment.

Combine various invoices from a single biller into one batch payment. Or direct different sums to particular invoices within the batch. It’s business expenses made simple and flexible.

Payment ReportsCreate and monitor reports on payments and transfers.

Generate and audit reports for all of your bill payment activity—everything from processed and stopped payments to money transfers. You designate the timeframes and can even export reports into a spreadsheet format for a quick "big picture" view.

Schedule Tax PaymentsManage payroll tax payments more quickly and easily.

To help you send payroll tax payments conveniently, Burke & Herbert Bank Business Online Bill Pay connects you directly to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® (EFTPS). This system has become the preferred tax payment method for good reason: It's easy to use, accurate and saves time. And our Business Online Banking makes it easy to access.

Payment CalendarGet a one-click monthly snapshot of bill payment activity.

Get a commanding view of your past, current, pending bill payments, Bank-to-Bank Transfers, plus reminders in an easy-to-read calendar format.

Payee CategoriesQuickly define and create your own.

The Payee Categories feature of our enhanced Business Online Bill Pay is a smart and intuitive way to organize and track your expenses and other financial activity, such as purchase receipts and tax payments, for more efficient budget tracking. And you can even upload your payees from Quicken® or QuickBooks® to get started faster and easier.